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Weibang Lawnmowers

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Maximum reliability and the highest level of performance, even in extreme conditions, this is the hallmark of WEIBANG machines. Every detail of a WEIBANG machine is designed to last,

with heavy duty, professional quality components and the highest quality materials. A WEIBANG machine is designed to be a part of your life, for life.



The mower is equipped with a powerful 7 HP engine Weibang with gimbal terminal for the transfer of power running. Travel provides professional 3-speed transmission with a guaranteed lifetime of more than 1500 m / hr, which is known only from the top models of mowers Weibang as SKLVPRO WB 536, WB 536 SKLVBBC. Anti-vibration handlebar store, large massive cutter knife "bigblade" clutch knives, large dust collector is in this category mowers matter of course. Own development have gone through mowers and bicycles which are at the highest model made of aluminum alloy with a sample of special rubber for high impact resistance.


The new WB455SC push lawnmower with a Loncin Engine 1p65FE 139cc, steel deck, 19" Cutting Width, Self Drive

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