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From time to time you'll need to cultvate the soil to acheive better growth. Using a spade is backbreaking, but with a motorised cultivator the job gets done perfectly and with minimal effort.



Husqvarna TR 430

Powerful rear-tine tiller for home and landowners. Highly effective for work on densely packed earth and older lawns. Large wheels with chevron tyres and counter-rotating tines provide superior access and broken up soil. Chain drive on rotors and wheels, plus reverse gear. Handlebar height is adjustable for ergonomic operation.


Husqvarna TF 325

An easy to handle and reliable cultivator with all essential functions. Dependable Subaru engine and reverse gear make work easier. Detachable transmission housing with lubrication possibility for extended product life. Plant guards and adjustable handlebar as standard. An excellent choice for amateur gardeners and customers who value practicality and reliability. Ridger with metal wheels as options.

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